Removal of Mold After Water Damage

After flood waters recede mold colonies can start to grow within two to three days. The goal is to get things clean and dry as fast as possible.

Critical Steps:

  1. Remove wet carpet and pads right away
  2. Remove wet draperies and upholstery
  3. Cut into wallboard and remove all wet and damp insulation, even if wallboard appears dry. Wet insulation will stay wet far too long, leading to the growth of hidden unhealthy mold and decay fungi inside the walls
  4. Homes built before 1978 count contain lead-based paint and asbestos materials, so wear protective and gear and use safe practices (gloves, respirator, etc.) Learn more at and
  5. Clean the mold with nonphosphate detergents, because any phosphate residue is mold food
  6. Disinfectants are not a substitute for cleaning. You can disinfect after cleaning. Mix 1/2 cup bleach per gallon of water.

Continue looking for signs of moisture or new mold growth. If mold returns, repeat cleaning.


Posted: September 18, 2017

Category: Disaster Preparation, Home Management, Work & Life

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