Q: I am seeing clusters of blue flowers which look similar to phlox along the roadsides. Were these areas seeded?

A: Some of our median areas have been seeded with wildflowers but phlox generally likes partial shady sites so these areas are not a favorite. We do have a native phlox so I suspect it is the flower you have been noticing. Many of us have been enjoying these sweet flowers and you are correct, they are indeed blue or wild phlox, Phlox divaricate. This beautiful flower is native to North America and found westward to New Mexico and as far north as Eastern Canada. It is a perennial and blooms from late February through April. The blooms may last longer in your landscape if you provide them with morning sun and protect them from the harsh afternoon heat. They are propagated by cuttings rather than seed. Nevertheless, they will come back year after year for you. Also, there are many cultivated varieties of Phlox divaricate, be sure to try some for your yard.


Posted: June 15, 2017

Category: Home Landscapes
Tags: Flowers, Phlox Divaricate

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