A Sneak Peek into a Week at Camp Cherry Lake

It is summer time, which can only mean one thing – it’s camp season! Next week we will be heading to Camp Cherry Lake for 5 days and 4 nights of fun! Many parents who send their children to overnight camp never had the joy of attending a 4-H camp themselves, so what happens after the bus pulls out on Monday morning? Read on and find out!

Arriving at camp is always a slightly chaotic, but fun experience! Campers will be greeted by the enthusiastic camp staff who are prepared to spend an entire week teaching and growing your 4-H’ers. Then, campers have the chance to get to know the layout of camp and find out who their cabin-mates will be for the week.After finding their cabins and greeting their new pals, campers head to lunch. But here at camp, campers don’t just get to walk into the dining hall – they have to sing for their suppers (or any other meals!). One of Cherry Lake’s many traditions is to have the campers gather outside and perform various camp songs hoping to be the first cabin dismissed to get that coveted spot at the front of the food line.

Camp afternoons bring the chance for swimming, kayaking, archery, games, rec dance, and arts and crafts. Cabins rotate through the different activities throughout the week. This time is to start to build those new friendships and bonds that will be unbreakable after just a week. To round out the day on Monday, camp staff provides some hilarious entertainment, performing songs and skits for the campers to enjoy.

Tuesday morning starts bright and early with an option for a morning activity (fishing, yoga, swimming, etc.) and another time honored tradition, flag raising. Groups of campers have the chance throughout the week of participate in the raising of the American and 4-H flags every morning and their lowering every evening. After flag raising, it’s off to breakfast and then the fun really begins as classes start. These are not your typical classes! Campers have the chance to participate in Aquatic World, Mission Duct Tape, Outdoor Skills, and Creative Dramatics. Each day Tuesday through Thursday campers will spend the morning growing their skills in these areas. After lunch, campers continue to rotate through their afternoon activities (swimming, kayaking, etc.).

Tuesday evening includes a Marshmallow Paint War (just wait for the awesome pictures of your kids covered head to toe in paint!) and a movie under the stars. Wednesday & Thursday follow a similar routine to Tuesday, but have different nightly activities. On Wednesday night, the counselors are given the chance to develop their own leadership skills by teaching activities (including sign language, spa and relaxation, and kayaking), and performing songs and skits at another campfire. Thursday evening brings the chance to bust a move at the beloved camp dance and a closing ceremony complete with candle lighting. This ceremony marks the end of a long week that campers spent bonding 24/7, so it is always an emotional event.

Friday morning is a bit of a blur as we squeeze in breakfast, cleaning up,and giving out awards before saying goodbye to our new friends and piling back on the bus to come home. When you meet us at the office Friday afternoon to pick up your campers, they are sure to be tired, hungry, and maybe even a little sad. I’m sure you’ll be eager to hear all about their week, but just in case they’re a little too tired to share everything, you now have a sneak peek into a fun-filled week at Camp Cherry Lake!

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Posted: June 7, 2017

Category: 4-H & Youth, Camp

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