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Shrimp Plant

Fact sheet: Shrimp Plant

The Golden Shrimp Plant is a colorful, soft-stemmed, tropical shrub typically massed in beds or maintained as a background plant in a mixed perennial planting.  This 36- to 48-inch-tall, upright perennial has dark green, ovate leaves that are 6 inches long.   The showy inflorescence consists of a congested raceme of bright yellow bracts from among which pure white flowers emerge over several weeks.  Flowers are displayed above the foliage and contrast nicely with the dark green canopy.  New inflorescence are produced throughout the warm months.

Scientific name: Pachystachys lutea
Pronunciation: puh-KISS-tuh-kiss LOO-tee-uh
Common name(s): Golden Shrimp Plant, Yellow Shrimp Plant
Fact sheet: Shrimp Plant

Planted in Nassau County Extension Demonstration Garden