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Windmill Palm

Fact sheet: Windmill Palm


The erect, single trunk of windmill palm is covered with dense, brown, hairlike fibers, and the three-foot-wide, fan-shaped fronds extend from 1.5-foot-long, rough-edged petioles. The trunk appears to be wrapped in burlap. A very slow-growing palm, windmill palm can reach 40 feet in height but is often seen much smaller, 10 to 20 feet tall. Windmill palm works well as a framing tree, accent, specimen, patio or urn subject. It is ideal for use as an accent in a shady shrub border or by a front entryway. It does well in confined areas and is hardy to 10°F or lower.


Scientific name: Trachycarpus fortunei
Pronunciation: tray-kee-KAR-pus FOR-too-nee-eye
Common name(s): Windmill palm

Fact sheet: Windmill Palm