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Saw Palmetto

Fact sheet: Saw palmetto


Saw palmetto is an extremely sturdy palm with great textural interest that blends in well with natural or seaside landscapes. This low, clumping, bushy palm has large, fan-shaped leaves and multiple trunks that creep along the ground, creating a dense ground cover. Most saw palmettos have green leaves, but a form with blue leaves can be found along the southeast coast of Florida. Three-foot-long flower stalks appear in spring, covered with small, yellow-white, fragrant flowers, the source of a commercial high-grade honey. The flowers are followed by small, yellow berries that turn black, ripening August through October. These berries are an important food source for many mammals and birds.

Scientific name: Serenoa repens
Pronunciation: sair-ren-NOE-uh REE-penz
Common name(s): saw palmetto
Fact sheet: Saw palmetto

Planted in Nassau County Extension Demonstration Garden