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Fact sheet: Pittosporum


Glossy, creamy white and green variegated leaves, easy care, and an open, round canopy make pittosporum a popular landscape shrub  However, rapid growth when young makes this a fairly high maintenance shrub, requiring frequent pruning. Growth does slow with age as the plant reaches about 10 feet tall. Clusters of creamy white flowers with a fragrance similar to orange blossoms appear in spring, but they are rarely seen on shrubs because they are frequently pruned off with the regular trimming required to keep the plant in check. Flowers also get lost in the green and white foliage. It is really better suited as a small tree with lower branches removed to reveal the multi-stemmed trunk, and branches should be left unpruned to allow the flowers to show in the spring. Prune after the flower display. Careful training and pruning can create an ornamental small tree form.

Fact sheet: Pittosporum

Planted in Nassau County Extension Demonstration Garden