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Hibiscus New leaves: green, yellow or in between?

What happening to this Hibiscus? According to the University of Florida, an ample supply of micronutrients is essential for proper growth of hibiscus. Iron and manganese are often limiting on alkaline soils. Manganese sulfate at a rate of one to two ounces (28 to 57 grams) per plant has proven helpful. Some iron chelates, such as Sequestrene 138®, are designed for alkaline soils and will often correct iron deficiencies. Commercial mixtures (Perk, Stem, Esmigram) containing many micronutrients have proven to be effective and convenient for the home gardener. Extreme soil conditions, such as the lime-rock soils of the Miami-Homestead and Florida Keys area, may limit the effect of soil applications of micronutrients. Foliar sprays of micronutrients applied two or three times per year may be the only way to reduce symptoms in these conditions.
If you have corrected the micronutrient problem correctly the new leaves will return to a greener color.

This article was updated in May 2013 to remove an outdated link.
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Kim Gabel

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