Coronavirus Safety Fact Sheets for Workers

I have received several questions regarding what to do if you have employees or work with others during this Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in agricultural operations and related businesses.

While there is plenty of information about how the virus work, how to protect yourself and others, etc. I compiled some information (with images) that can be used in your daily training for the green industry. This is not a substitution for The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention information. Use it as an additional resource for you and your worker’s safety.

And if you are wondering were did I get these amazing drawings. No, there are not my little cousin’s art project. Well, I made them, since I couldn’t find anything related to AG industry yet. I am sure more and better images will come 🙂

These fact sheets are available in English and Spanish and Creole.

These technical fact sheets are published in our UF/IFAS Extension website


Coronavirus Safety Fact Sheets for Agriculture:

  1. Agriculture Protection during Coronavirus (English) or copy and paste the following link:
  2. Protección Agrícola frente al Coronavirus (Spanish) or copy and paste the following link:
  3. Pwoteksyon Agricol Nan Moman Coronavirus La (Creole) or copy and paste the following link:

Or click on the following images







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Posted: April 3, 2020

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