New UF/IFAS Online Course: Nutrient Management for Container Crops

NUTRIENT MANAGEMENT for Container-Grown Crops: Level 1

New online UF/ IFAS Extension course teaching you about the following topics:

  1. Overview & common nutrient problems
  2. Supplying essential nutrients
  3. Fertilizer types
  4. Interpreting a fertilizer label
  5. Managing total nutrient level
  6. Acidity & basicity: the importance of pH
  7. Onsite testing of pH & EC

Who can take it? The course is designed for plant nursery/greenhouse/ staff in the US and internationally who do not have formal training in horticulture. The typical participant is a grower who has practical experience and is responsible for planting, spraying, pinching, irrigating and fertilizing ornamental crops in containers.

Is there a university credit or certificate? YES,

  • This course is part of the UF/IFAS Extension Greenhouse Training Online program
  • When you complete course requirements you will be sent a personalized certificate.
  • The course does not count for credit towards a university degree

When is the registration deadline? On 08/31/2015

Course duration? Four-week course can be taken at your own pace from August 24th to September 18th of 2015.

Instructors: University of Florida Drs: Freyre and Fisher)

In what languages? Lectures & assignments are in either English or Spanish. (You choose)

Is there any cost? Cost is $200 per employee.

For more information in English or Spanish open the flyer attached. Click HERE to open Flyer

Use this link here and in the attached flyer for registration Register HERE or copy and paste the following link

Don’t miss the great opportunity to take a course from the University of Florida in the comfort of your house!

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Posted: August 3, 2015

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