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Winners of Water-Wise Awards

It is Time for Water-Wise Landscaping Awards!!

The purpose of this award program is to recognize individuals, businesses, and community associations that are committed to conserving water resources and protecting the environment utilizing Florida-Friendly Landscaping principles. Winning landscapes balance attractive designs with plants, landscape elements, water-efficient irrigation techniques and positive environmental impacts. Winning homeowners receive a handmade mosaic stepping stone. Awards are presented at Board of County Commissioner or City Council meetings.

Water-wise landscape

Water-Wise Landscape Winner

How to enter the Water-Wise Landscaping Award program:
  1. Complete an application by July 1st, 
  2. Allow judges to enter your property on July 11th, 
  3. If selected, attend Manatee County Board of Commissioner Meeting

Water-Wise Landscaping points are awarded for the use of appropriately located plants and efforts to retain or restore natural areas for wildlife habitat. They are also free of invasive species and landscape elements that could minimize fertilizer and pesticide use.

Should you have any questions, check our website or contact Joann Larson at 941-722-4524.

Water-Wise Business Landscape

Business Water-Wise Award Winner