Levy County 4-H; Hands to Larger Service

At the annual Levy County 4-H Open House, attendees were asked to bring canned goods for those in our community. Little did we know that a major hurricane would greatly affect the coastal portions of our county two weeks later.

Those who attended the open house brought an abundance of cans of green beans, beans, corn, soups, tomatoes, and more, everyday staples that many of us have on hand. Due to Hurricane Idalia, some families in the coastal town of Cedar Key lost many possessions including valuable food. Cedar Key Food Pantry is an important community partner that provides help and hope to those who utilize it. As a result of the aftermath of the storm, the Cedar Key Food Pantry has not been open since August 28, 2023.

Sue Colson of the Cedar Key Food Pantry and Jessica Emerson, Levy County 4-H Agent

In response, Levy County 4-H reached out to see if the collected canned goods were needed. In preparation to re-stock and re-open, the pantry was excited to make use of the goods. Mrs. Jessica, Levy County 4-H Agent, delivered the canned goods to the pantry on September 12, one day before their reopening. Sue Colson, manager of the pantry, said that the pantry will be open from 2:30-4:30 PM today, September 13.

Hands for Larger Service

One of the 4 H’s in the 4-H Clover stands for Hands; Hands for larger service. Mrs. Jessica is proud of her members and community for stepping up for those in need, not only by providing canned goods through our open house service drive, but in the many other ways they have gone above and beyond to help their neighbors. Levy County 4-H has truly demonstrated this important aspect of 4-H by providing their hands to larger service.

For more information on Levy County 4-H, access our website or email Jessica Emerson at jessicasemerson@ufl.edu.


Posted: September 13, 2023


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