Lake County 4-H Information

4-H is a family affair with many opportunities where children and parents can participate with common interests. The 4-H program’s success depends upon parental support and involvement. By being involved in 4-H, parents can ensure the best growth experience possible for their children. For more information please contact Dallas Meringolo at

Where Do I Find Information And Dates?
What Is Offered in Lake County?
  • Community Clubs
  • County Events Day/Share the Fun
  • Residential Camping
  • Shooting Sports
  • Horse Shows
  • County Council
  • 1-2 projects for the first year Florida_4-H_Curriculum-Clearing-House-2019-20.pdf (
  • As many or few events as it fits your family but meets your club’s By-laws
  • Dallas’ Recommended Top Five:
    1. Record book – required
    2. Participate in community service projects
    3. Attend at least one County Council meeting.
    4. Participate in County Events Day
    5. Participate in the fair
      • Show livestock
      • Enter exhibits into the 4-H building

Posted: November 12, 2021

Category: 4-H & Youth
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