Lake County 4-H School Enrichment

School enrichment through 4-H is an opportunity for teachers to provide fun, hands-on activities that reinforce what is being taught in the classroom. These programs are designed to supplement existing lesson plans without putting extra stress on teachers without any cost to the schools. Lake County 4-H provides 4-H Public Speaking, Embryology, Bees are the Buzz, and Water Conservation.

4-H Public Speaking

This program is designed for students in 4th-6th grade helping youth learn and practice writing and delivering a speech. Youth who do well in the classroom advance to the school competition, and the student who wins the school competition moves on to the county level competition.


This program is designed for students in kindergarten up to 8th grade. 4-H Embryology teaches students about the science of life. In this program, students can increase scientific processes, life sciences, teamwork, keeping records, planning, and organizing. Teachers are provided equipment to provide direct experience with living things, life cycles, and habitats.

Bees are the Buzz

This program is designed for students in kindergarten to 6th grade to teach youth the importance of honeybees and native bees. Teachers are provided resources to help teach about pollination, beekeeper careers, and bee’s connection to agriculture. Activities include a multi-sensory honey-tasting activity, creating native bee houses, pollination in a bag, and a buzz boy STEM challenge.

Water Conservation

This program is designed for students in 4th-8th grade to teach students about the watershed’s role and ways to conserve water. Teachers are provided a watershed demonstration kit and curriculum. This interactive experience teaches students to observe and make connections about the importance of watersheds and the factors that affect water quality.


Posted: November 9, 2020

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