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Today I sat at lunch with someone who doesn’t work at a university. He remarked that it would be cool to have a way to take the high-powered research we do at the University of Florida and somehow get it out to the citizens in a way that they could use it. I agree…that would be cool!

This week our UF/IFAS Extension agents are having their professional association meeting. They are UF faculty just like other faculty, but their whole mission is just that–and their funding comes from the state, counties, and the federal government in a true partnership. You can read more here about how it all works.

Many people assume that Extension helps with gardening. It does, but also has community development, family and consumer sciences, agriculture, natural resources and the environment, pests in the yard, 4-H youth development, and more. Solutions for Your Life is the tag line used in UF/IFAS Extension, for good reason.

An excellent publication database is called EDIS, and you can search for the latest recommendations from our researchers, translated into simpler information for the general citizen. Want to know more about your backyard avocado tree? Or what is safe to eat after your fridge was without power? Or how to help your aging parent? It is all there in a rabbit hole of information from UF/IFAS faculty.

Each of Florida’s 67 counties has a UF/IFAS Extension office with agents, and they provide services and support tailored to county needs. They report some wonderful data about impacts not only by program area, but also economic impacts by county.

Anyway, I asked for this person’s business card, and i will follow up by emailing him all of this and probably more.





Posted: August 28, 2019

Category: 4-H & Youth, Agriculture, Home Landscapes, Natural Resources, Professional Development, UF/IFAS Extension, Work & Life

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