New (To Them) Spaces on UF Main Campus

The University of Florida never actually closed nor did its faculty and staff stop working during the pandemic; they simply shifted locations, process, etc. to make it all work. Meanwhile, our UF/IFAS Facilities, Planning and Operations staff never stayed home during these times and there were many projects happening for repair, maintenance, and more.

An incredible project which is still underway is the shuffling of space. I haven’t counted all of the individuals, but it’s at least 150 people who have moved and there are more to come. Ronnie Cooper has led the logistics for the entities moving around, and his entire UF/IFAS FPO team have been great supporters all around.

I’m pleased to report that UF/IFAS is DEMOLISHING three buildings on the main campus that previously housed the Florida Sea Grant, the Florida Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, and some Wildlife Ecology and Conservation faculty. That reduces our footprint slightly and reduces cost for utilities and maintenance. The other building that was demolished was Mehrhof Hall. This was an older building that UF needed to demolish to put in a new road connecting Archer Road to Hull Road next to the UF Baseball Stadium. They also had to realign the road at SW 23rd Terrace to match the new road at Archer Road so they can all share a signal and traffic can flow. The new road isn’t open yet.

I have always found it hard to use the UF building numbering system, but now they give 911 addresses. That being said, if you want to find a UF building, go to the UF campus map online and then search the building number and it gives you information.

Below are the new locations for many UF/IFAS groups:

  1. The UF/IFAS Center for Land Use Efficiency (CLUE) is now in the Johnny Walker building (the short building) on UF’s East Campus on Waldo Road. This includes the Program for Resource Efficient Communities, Florida-Friendly Landscaping, and the Master Gardener Volunteer Program. The Center for Land Use Efficiency (CLUE) was created to bring IFAS agricultural and urban BMP programs together.
  2. The Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) moved to the East Campus Office Building, also on UF’s East Campus on Waldo Road. This is the taller building there.
  3. Florida Sea Grant moved to 2306 Mowry Road (bldg. 164).
  4. The Florida Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit moved to 2295 Mowry Road (bldg. 106).
  5. The UF/IFAS Center for Public Issues Education moved to 1408 Sabal Palm Dr. (2nd floor, bldg. 60). The PIE Center is also sponsoring the addition of a new ADA bathroom for the area, which we greatly appreciate. It is also near the UF/IFAS Extension Bookstore which would be delighted to have you visit and shop!
  6. The Natural Resources Leadership Institute (NRLI) moved to the building which also houses the UF/IFAS Conferences and Institutes, which is at 2311 Mowry Road (bldg. 78).
  7. The Field and Fork Farm staff will be relocating to building 508, taking over the former IT building next to the Bat Houses and parking lot. This will provide for classes, office space, student space, and more. We are going to be renovating this building shortly for them.
  8. McCarty C Hall, 4th floor, has added some new SFRC and WEC faculty and graduate students.
  9. This is an ongoing process as we seek to optimize space usage on main campus for UF/IFAS. Stay tuned for more!



Posted: July 22, 2021

Category: Home Landscapes, Natural Resources, UF/IFAS

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