Improving Business Services

About three years ago, IFAS led the way on campus in reorganizing some of our business services to create a Shared Services center (we have two locations, one in McCarty Hall and one in Fifield Hall). Last fiscal year the Fifield center processed 35,847 fiscal transactions for a total of $13,542,942 and the MCarty center processed 29,382 fiscal transactions for a total of $18,109, Not all IFAS departments participate, but many currently do.

The University of Florida originally pushed to create these centers with the idea that UF could save a lot of money in shared services. It turns out that the main driver of that rationale has since left UF and now we are assessing what the impact is. Not surprisingly, UF is turning to IFAS as a best practice model because we have been able to demonstrate a much more reliable and consistent method of fiscal transactions following UF and grant agency rules, with backup staff at all times. We felt better about how well we are processing funds, staying current with regulations, and keeping the staff trained optimally.

We are currently in assessment mode; we just closed a customer satisfaction survey and are examining the results. We are piloting the ticketing services for campus and it is going very well. The leadership of Jo Ann Davis (director) and Amanda Burkett (assistant director) have been outstanding as we talk about where we are and where we are going. Onward and upwards!


Posted: November 4, 2015

Category: UF/IFAS

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