Friday Feature: Portable Chainsaw Sawmill

This week’s feature video highlights a handy innovation for farmers and ranchers. A tool that allows you to uses your ladder and chainsaw as a portable sawmill. Norwood Sawmills makes the PortaMill that landowners can use to convert logs into valuable lumber for less than $1,000. With the PortaMill, you use your chainsaw as the sawhead and your household extension ladder as the track. The PortaMill can convert up to 14” logs into square beams and lumber up to 8” wide. Check out the video below, or go to their website for more details: PortaMill PM14 Chainsaw Sawmill



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Posted: April 21, 2017

Category: Agriculture
Tags: Chainsaw Sawmill, Farm Equipment, Feature Video, Forestry, General Agriculture, Panhandle Agriculture

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