Friday Feature: Remote Control Boat for Pond Herbicide Application

This week’s featured video highlights an innovation for managing pond weeds. Lake Restoration Incorporated has developed a remote control, miniature air-boat for applying pond herbicides. Spraying weeds can be a real challenge for pond owners, but this product could make aquatic herbicide application fun. The TORMADA application boat will hold one gallon of concentrated chelated copper for treating algae, or a gallon of diquat for treating submerged weeds. Drive the boat in the area of pond with problem weeds, and the herbicide is slowly added to the water.


TORMADA Remote Control Product Application Boat


How to use the TORMADA



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Posted: April 7, 2017

Category: Agriculture
Tags: Feature Video, Natural Resources, Panhandle Agriculture, Pest Management, Pond Management, Weeds, Wildlife

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