2017 Beef Conference Presentations and Highlights

The 32nd annual Northwest Florida Beef Conference & Trade Show was held on February 8, 2017 in Marianna, at the Jackson County Extension Office. Five speakers provided information to help beef cattle ranchers focus on “Crucial Management in Challenging Times.” In addition to the presentations, there were 28 companies and organizations that provide products, equipment, and services to cattle producers in the region represented in the Trade Show

There were 164 cattle producers, extension agents and specialists, UF graduate students, and industry representatives registered for the event. This set an all time attendance record. Of the 164, 145 were from Florida, 10 from Alabama, 7 from Georgia, 1 from North Carolina, and 1 from Tennessee. The 28 Trade Show Exhibitors were also the largest ever for this event. Not only was the attendance fantastic, but the program was also top notch, based on the 101 exit surveys received. Beef Conference participant surveys indicated: a 100% satisfaction rating, 99% of participants gained knowledge, and 86% plan to make changes to the management of their operations, based on the information provided by the speakers and trade show exhibitors.

There were five presentations given to address crucial beef herd management. Many participants asked about copies of the presentations at the event. The following are the actual presentations from the 2017 Beef Conference in a universal, printer friendly pdf format with direct links to download the presentations (blue text).

  1. Riding Out the Cow Cycle: What to Do When the Wheels Come Off?

    Jed Dillard, Jefferson County Agriculture Agent

    Presentation link: Dillard – Riding Out Cowcycle 2-8-17

  2. Essential Reproductive Management Considerations

    Cliff Lamb, UF/IFAS Beef Reproduction Specialist

    Presentation link: Lamb – Reproduction Management – 2-8-17

  3. Essential Nutrition: Put Your Money Where Her Mouth Is

    Matt Hersom, UF/IFAS Beef Extension Specialist

    Presentation link: Hersom – Cow Nutrition 2-8-17

  4. Strategies to Reduce Fertilizer Costs in Forage Systems

    Charles Mitchell, Emeritus Auburn Soil Specialist

    Presentation link: Mitchell – Reducing Fertilizer Costs 2-18-17

  5. Crunching the Numbers to Improve Ranch Efficiency

    Doug Mayo, Jackson County Extension Director

Presentation link: Mayo – Ranch Record Analysis 2-8-17

[important]Make plans to attend next year’s event. Mark your calendars, the 33rd annual Northwest Beef Conference will be held on Wednesday, February 14, 2018 in Marianna.[/important]


Posted: February 17, 2017

Category: Agriculture
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