Into the World of Betsy the Barred Rock Hen: An Endearing Florida 4-H Tale

Betsy the Barred Rock Hen Book Cover

Hello, wonderful UF/IFAS community!

Gather ’round and sit criss-cross applesauce because we’ve got an egg-citing story to share.

Meet Betsy the Barred Rock Hen – a children’s book that’s all about clucks, cuddles, and a surprising trip to the county fair. This new addition to the UF/IFAS Bookstore is authored by our very own Dr. Chris D. DeCubellis from the UF/IFAS 4-H Youth Development Program and illustrated by Heather Griffith.




Feathered Mornings on the Farm brings the prospect of 4-H Surprise

Picture this: a sunrise, a rooster’s crow, and a small farm coming to life. Raymond Rooster sets the tone, and we’re invited into the lively world of Pearl, the bluetick hound, and the chatty chickens – Penny, Raymond, and the irresistible Betsy. Guess what? Our dear friend David is joining a 4-H club! Curiosity was piqued, and the hens, especially Betsy, wondered about what this meant. The Florida 4-H program, with its incredible work empowering young minds, becomes the backdrop for David’s journey. His return brings forth a tale of heartfelt friendships. Cuddles, gentle petting, and chicken-language conversations become the fabric of a bond that warms the soul. The story skillfully introduces young minds to the concept of 4-H, offering a glimpse into the enriching experiences it brings.


County Fair Adventures and Unexpected Triumphs

Hold onto your hats (or feathers)! Betsy’s journey takes an unexpected turn – from a 4-H meeting to the dazzling lights of the county fair. Amidst crowds, feathered friends, and a shiny award ribbon, Betsy experiences the magic of triumphs. Life on the farm settles back to normal, but with an extra touch of pride and attention, courtesy of her friend David.






Tender Bonds and Life Lessons

At the core of Betsy the Barred Rock Hen lies a tale of tender connections and meaningful relationships. Without revealing the specifics, the book gently imparts life lessons about care, gentleness, and the endless possibilities that unfold when we embrace new experiences. Join Betsy and David on a journey that highlights the joy that can be found in the simplest connections.

This heartwarming tale captures the essence of 4-H—where bonds are formed, triumphs are celebrated, and the ordinary becomes extraordinary.


See you at the farm!

UF/IFAS Bookstore

Reading age; Young children, Print length; 13 pages, Languages available; English, Dimensions; 7 x 7 inches, Publisher; UF/IFAS Communications


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Posted: January 17, 2024

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