Your Passport to Mushroom Identification: The Mushroom Journal

Enter a realm of exploration into the ever-wonderful world of fungi as the UF/IFAS Bookstore presents its most recent captivating publication, the Mushroom Journal.

Mushroom Marvels

Explore the enduring allure of mushrooms, those magical entities that appear overnight, donning fantastical shapes and colors. Florida, with its diverse ecosystems, hosts hundreds of species in natural areas and backyards alike. The Mushroom Journal is a collaborative project that blends the expertise of UF/IFAS Extension agents and mycology specialists in the Department of Plant Pathology. It is a scientific yet accessible resource, making the journey of mushroom identification enjoyable for all, and fostering a deeper connection with nature for every observer, from novices to seasoned fungi-philes.


A Tool for Exploration

The Mushroom Journal is your companion in documenting discoveries in Florida’s natural areas. With color diagrams and photos, this comprehensive guide equips you with essential tools for mushroom identification and documentation. The journal provides ample pages for notes, reflection on personal experiences as an observer, recording data and drawings, capturing spore prints, and more. One highlight is its comprehensive method for exploring mushrooms, encouraging you to observe and take notes on environmental details that could be significant in identification.


Nature’s Canvas

Through the Mushrooms Journal, you’ll discover that mushrooms can be jellylike, shaped like corals, threadlike, and dripping from the nooks of trees, or even glow-in-the-dark. If you can imagine it, a mushroom can be it. You may have come across a fungus and not even know it! We invite you to explore, discover, and marvel at the fascinating world beneath your feet. May the Mushroom Journal be your key to unlocking the secrets of Florida’s fungal wonderland.


Order your copy today at the UF/IFAS Bookstore.

Happy exploring!

Reading age; Adults and older children, Print length; 92 pages, Languages available; English, Dimensions; 5 x 7 inches, Publisher; UF/IFAS Communications


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Posted: January 2, 2024

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