Captioning UF/IFAS Videos in YouTube (Updated 2022)

This is an update to the 2019 video tutorial YouTube Captioning for UF/IFAS Videos. Since that post, YouTube has changed a few elements so this updated version is provided to help those working with YouTube and its auto-caption feature.

Here’s are some of the topics covered in the video:

Adding a video to a channel – uploading and preparing a video for captioning in your YouTube channel.
Setting the language for the video – Be sure to set this to help the auto-captions be more accurate
The Edit Process – Covers editing the auto-captions generated by YouTube
Working with the Text Blocks – YouTube’s captioning text blocks coincide with to your spoken audio. Here’s how to edit them
Editing and moving Text Blocks – Those text blocks can be made shorter or longer or even moved to sync up with your audio
Publishing and Reviewing the Results – When you’re done, using the Publish feature and then checking to confirm the captions work appropriately.

For more information from YouTube, check out:
Use Automatic Captioning
Add subtitles and captions


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Posted: March 23, 2022

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