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Alachua County Master Gardener Volunteer Plant Sale

Saturday, May 14

8 am – 12 pm

UF/IFAS Extension Alachua County

22712 W Newberry Rd

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Florida Wildflower Day

Saturday, May 14

10 am – 1 pm

Florida Museum of Natural History

3215 Hull Rd

Gainesville, FL 32610

New & Noteable

Your Florida Guide to Butterfly Gardening

2nd Edition

Jaret C. Daniels

University Press of Florida

In this easy-to-use and brightly illustrated introductory guide, lepidopterist Jaret Daniels shows beginning gardeners how to create a haven for butterflies and other flower-loving wildlife in Florida and throughout the Deep South.

Your Florida Guide to Butterfly Gardening offers a full-color look at Florida’s most common garden butterflies and the plants they prefer for food, shelter, and egg-laying. The book features recommended plants and garden layouts designed for major growing zones in Florida and neighboring southern states.

256 pp.



Wildflowers of Florida Field Guide

Jaret C. Daniels and Stan Tekiela

Adventure Publications

How many times have you wished you knew the name of a wildflower you saw, whether for gardening, journaling, or just impressing your friends? Wildflowers of Florida is the perfect companion for “flowerwatching.”

This is a handy field guide to help the curious nature-seeker identify 200 of the most common wildflowers found in Florida’s gardens, pastures, rights-of-way and natural areas. It features full-page, professional-quality color photographs and concise information critical to accurate identification. It’s alos organized by flower color and size with icons to make identification quick and easy.

428 pp.


Florida Wildflowers: A Comprehensive Guide

Walter Kingsley Taylor

University Press of Florida

Florida Wildflowers: A Comprehensive Guide is a new edition of Florida Wildflowers in their Natural Communities, vastly expanded with wetlands coverage and updated with new taxonomy. This is a different kind of field guide, one that categorizes Florida wildflowers not just by their color or family group, but by the natural habitats in which they’re found. Over 500 color photos and detailed descriptions outline the major terrestrial communities of Florida and the wildflowers unique to each. It also includes a guide to identifying wildflowers, a list of places to visit, a glossary, references, and indexes of people and places, species and families. Whether you’re a gardener, a naturalist, or just a visitor interested in Florida’s ecology, you’ll find this guide indispensible.

584 pp.

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Posted: May 10, 2022

Tags: Florida Wildflower Day, UF IFAS Bookstore

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