Agroecology Systems Diagram

The Agroecology Systems Diagram was created in order to explain the relationships between agriculture, natural and urban systems. The diagram was created in a way that allowed it to be a complete image and well as breaking it into pieces of the image so that everything could be looked at individually as well as a whole. This was done in Adobe Illustrator using layers. There were many unique challenges with this project. Some of these include creating the illustrations of the many different elements, using these elements to create a scene, and figuring out how all of the elements would fit together in the whole image as well as the divided images. While this project was very intricate because of all the illustration work and the many details, it gave me a great sense of accomplishment and fulfillment after completing.

-Heather Griffith, graphic designer/illustrator


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Posted: May 1, 2020

Category: UF/IFAS Graphics
Tags: Agriculture, Agroecology, Agronomy, Illustration

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