• Improving SEO pushes a website higher in the search engine results, increasing the number of visitors to your website.
  • SEO is a natural, organic way to increase web traffic.
  • Search Engines (like Google) give answers and show results based on popularity.
  • SEO for Blogs.IFAS training video starts by providing a more in-depth overview of SEO, keywords, and descriptions to improve the chances of Google showing your web page or pages when certain words are used.

You can use the MetaData Option under the More Tab in TERMINALFOUR (T4) to add keywords and descriptions to improve the search-ability of pages.

Meta Descriptions

The meta description provides search engines with a summary of the page contents, sometimes used in search results. Meta descriptions are optional if you want to supply search engines with custom information for any given page. If you don’t include one, search engines will create a snippet from your page content, which may not reflect your priorities.

SEO Key Phrases: The key is to be specific. For example, since most counties offer similar programs, you want to include more than just master gardener when selecting key phrases and descriptions. Instead, you may want to say “UF/IFAS Extension Miami-Dade Master Gardener” for key phrases and “Master Gardener Program in Miami-Dade County.”The key is to make your Titles and Descriptions specific to your county. What do you specifically offer that might be different from the other counties in Florida? What is unique about your particular program.

OG Descriptions

The OG description is typically used by Facebook and Twitter to provide additional descriptions for posted links.

Under More > Metadata there are unique fields for Facebook and Twitter on page 2 (see above screenshot). We want to focus on fields that say “title,” “description,” “type.” For “type” it is looking for the type of content it is, so for example type could be “article” or “website” in that field.

  • “og:title”
  • “twitter:card”

In most cases, adding information in these fields produces a special social media view on Facebook and Twitter called cards. Cards allow your content to stand out from the rest of the information showing on social media.

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Posted: March 20, 2018

Category: UF/IFAS Webteam, WCMS Updates

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