Preparing 4-H Youth to be tomorrow’s Leaders – Communication Skills Vol 1

Amber Norris
4-H Youth Development Agent II

Florida 4-H prioritizes the development of communication, higher-order thinking, and appreciation of differences as essential workforce skills. Are you asking yourself, how do we even start this process? If so keep reading.

4-H Member, Jaylene, concluding her demonstration on How to Plant Succulents.

Hillsborough 4-H provides a range of opportunities for young people to develop communication skills and gain confidence in expressing themselves.
For instance, County Events Day is an excellent opportunity for members to learn how to articulate their ideas clearly and confidently.

That all sounds fantastic right? Here is the first step of creating the best presentation ever.

To get started, you can brainstorm by jotting down things you lose track of time doing, which we refer to as your “spark” in 4-H.

Now circle three that excite you the most. Grab a piece of notebook paper and divide it into three sections. Hint: pretend you are folding a piece of paper to send it in an envelope. Write the words you circled at the top of each column. Under each word, write down all the things you could teach someone about each topic. Which one topic stands out?

From that list, pick the one thing to teach or discuss.

Congratulations you now have a topic for your presentation. Stay tuned for Vol. 2 for the next steps on preparing a presentation.

If you want to know more about public speaking, contact me, Amber Norris, at 813-744-5519 x 54116.


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Amber Norris

4-H Youth Development Agent II

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813-744-5519 x 54116

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Posted: December 18, 2023

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