Birds. Workshop

Why host a Birds. Workshop in Highlands County?

Part of my responsibilities as an extension agent is to educate others on the importance of Natural Resources. Getting out in the community, I get asked a lot of bird questions, so I figured it would be beneficial to Highlands County to host a 2-day Birds. Workshop to teach on the species of birds found in the area!

What was taught at the Birds. Workshop?

Dr. Raoul Boughton, a Rangeland Scientist of Wildlife for UF, and myself presented several educational topics on the first day. We spoke on “The Basics of Bird Watching”, “Species of Birds in Highlands County”, and “Bird Habitats”. For a first time program we had 21 people in attendance on Monday, April 30 and 11 attendees on the following Tuesday, May 1 for a bird watching field trip in Highlands Hammock.

Day 1: Dr. Raoul Boughton UF/IFAS presenting on “The Basics of Bird Watching”

Bird watching in Highlands Hammock was full of wonderful local birds and the birds were very chatty during the bird watch! Participants were able to put their bird watching skills to use by listening, then finding the birds with their binoculars.

Day 2: Bird watching at Highlands Hammock.

What did people think?

At the end of the 2-day Birds. Workshop, we received incredible feedback from the participants on how they enjoyed the information, but also how they were able to put their information to use during the bird watching field trip in Highlands Hammock. We were asked several times when we would be hosting this program again…people wanted to bring more friends! A great time was had by all!

If you are interested in attending the next Natural Resource program, please call the extension office at 863-402-6540 to stay up to date with upcoming programs!


Posted: May 3, 2018

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