How To Get Your Pests Identified

‘Pests’ come in a variety of shapes and sizes!

Insects, fungal diseases, weeds and snails can all be plant pests. Don’t waste time, money and chemicals if you don’t even know what your problem is!  If you are having a problem with your plants we can help you identify what your problem is and advise you on what you can do to help remedy the situation.

Hernando County Extension Plant Clinic:

You can email questions and pictures to Dr. William Lester at or you can bring physical samples to our office to be examined by a trained

We have trained Master Gardener Volunteers ready to help identify your lawn and garden problems.

Master Gardener Volunteer. Call our office at (352) 754-4433 to make sure we have one working on the day you would like to stop by.

UF Distance Diagnostic and Identification Service:

The University of Florida provides a free service where you can send pictures of plants, insects, mushrooms and plant diseases to have them identified by UF experts. The Distance Diagnostic and Identification Service (DDIS) includes a mobile app to make it even easier to get your question answered. Learn more about how to sign up for this service and how to use it at:

Register for DDIS at:


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Posted: August 17, 2022

Category: Florida-Friendly Landscaping

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