Catch and Release. Fish Responsibly.

Consider implementing Catch and Release Fishing Best Practices during your next fishing trip!

Tip 1: Fish need water to breathe so minimize the time that the fish is in the air. If possible, dehook the fish in the water alongside your boat. This makes for a better picture.

Tip 2: Use wet hands when handling the fish. Rags and gloves remove the protective slime coat from the fish’s body.

Tip 3: Hold the fish horizontally without touching the gills. These delicate organs can easily become damaged and potentially kill the fish.

Tip 4: Refrain from lipping larger fish while they are unsupported. This damages the feeding mechanism of their mouths and the fish may no longer be able to feed.

Tip 5: Select gear that will allow you to land your target species quickly. Every second counts.

Florida Friendly Fishing Guides are certified and implement Catch and Release Fishing Best Practices during their charted trips. Click Here To find a guide nearest you or to become a certified guide!


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Posted: November 30, 2020

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