Stuck at home? Marine science resources for kids!

Attention teachers and parents – we have educational and interactive materials for you! Florida Sea Grant agents have been working diligently to compile and create video resources and activities that allow students to learn about sea turtles, manatees, and right whales.

Sea Turtles
Are you interested in learning more about sea turtle biology and their habitat? Listen to Dr. Maia McGuire’s video series based on the popular book One in a Thousand: Those Amazing Sea Turtles.

Did you know that the manatee is Florida’s state marine mammal? Join Brittany Hall-Scharf for more interesting facts and try your hand at being a junior scientist!

What makes a whale a whale? How do whales communicate? Click here for a series of lesson plans, games, and activities to learn more about these interesting creatures!

Be sure to check back often! New material is being added.

The National Sea Grant office has also compiled a list of educational resources that can be found here.


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Posted: April 2, 2020

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