Linking it all Together

Beginning in 2017, an integrated financial program focusing on food systems was developed and implemented. This program covers everything from the logistics of food appropriation to comparison shopping. Included in the discussion are the local area locations and opportunities for consumers to attain fresh fruit and vegetables, whether through farmer’s markets, or even “you-pick.” Also discussed are the “seasons” of produce, what is available and where, and even some discussion on gardening for those who are interested in growing their own.

By taking one of the most common “tasks” family’s face, and focusing on the “systems” approach, consumers can make educated choices concerning their family.

This program integrates many program areas within the Extension framework, as well as promoting the local farmers and growers. It also encourages those with a “green thumb” to take that step towards growing their own fruits and vegetables, allowing them to potentially reduce their food budget and increase family resources.

Author: Scott Taylor, Extension Agent II
Family and Consumer Sciences Specializing in Financial Management


Posted: February 8, 2018

Category: Health & Nutrition, Home Management, WORK & LIFE

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