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Janelle Strong


Master of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences


Janelle Strong is a distance student in the Master of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences program. She works full-time and volunteers as a wildlife caretaker for St. Francis Wildlife Association in Quincy, Florida. Some of her volunteer duties include caring for native animals like “orphaned opposums and squirrels, and injured turtles and tortoises” where her work involves preparing the animals meals and cleaning their cages.

Janelle is a returned Peace Corps Volunteer where she worked in Zambia as a Rural Aquaculture Promotion volunteer from 2015-2017. She is considered a veteran in the world of community service and has participated with many volunteer organizations in the past. She says “During my undergraduate career, I volunteered twice for the Student Conservation Association. One summer I worked in Sitka, Alaska as a fisheries intern for the US Forest Service, and one summer I worked as a biology intern for the US Forest Service and US Bureau of

Click here to read more about Janelle’s current volunteer organization, the St. Francis Wildlife Association.

Click Here if you’d like to read more about volunteering with the Peace Corps.


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Posted: July 6, 2020

Category: Coasts & Marine, Community Volunteers, Wildlife, Work & Life
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