SFRC Serves: Nathan Tan

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Nathan Tan


Bachelor’s in Natural Resource Conservation


Meet Nathan Tan, our fourth featured student in this series. Nathan is a second-year Natural Resource Conservation major who is also the lead EMT with the Gator Emergency Medical Response Unit (GEMRU) on campus.

He says that volunteering through GEMRU has given him the privilege of being on medical standby for many of UF’s sporting events, concerts, philanthropic events, and any other UF sponsored functions that are predicted to have a large attendance. Nathan explains, “While on medical standby, GEMRU members will provide medical assistance to any participants or spectators in attendance whether it be something as simple as putting a bandaid on a scrape or something more complex such as splinting a broken bone.”

The GEMRU stays busy on campus, as he continues to describe his work, “Every night, GEMRU also provides emergency medical services on campus. If someone had too much to drink or is not feeling well, GEMRU will be the first ones on the scene to assess if an ambulance needs to be called or if it’s something simple that can be solved with a good night’s rest.” He assures that the unit will still be first to respond on campus, even in more serious matters, “If the situation is extremely serious and an ambulance does need to be called, GEMRU will stabilize the patient until they arrive.”

“I love volunteering through GEMRU because it gives me a lot of good medical experience while allowing me to make a difference on campus,” he says, “I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to go into the medical field or just wants to help their fellow Gator when they need it most.”

Click here to visit GERMU’s webpage.


Posted: June 3, 2020

Category: Community Volunteers, Natural Resources
Tags: SFRCServes, Students, Volunteer

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