Faculty to Faculty Advice – Childcare During COVID Times

Drs. Jiri Hulcr and Andrea Lucky are used to the balancing act, working as UF faculty and parenting their two young children. Recently, they’ve been tasked with one of the biggest challenges that has come with the lockdown: full-time at home childcare. They note that, “while this time is certainly not without its struggles, it is also a remarkable opportunity for a reality check with your kids.”

As a couple, they have made observations on what has worked for their children and hope that sharing parental advice will help other faculty who are experiencing similar challenges. Some of their tips include creating an environment for learning and encouraging independence by leaving kids to their own structured devices. They have found that, “kids do not need to be entertained, and we don’t feel that entertainment is the parents’ role.” Suggesting that it may be beneficial to let kids practice entertaining themselves.

With a household that is led by two self-proclaimed “science nerds”, Jiri and Andrea have a parenting style that follows logic and reason. They emphasize the importance of getting outdoors and giving kids the opportunity to have tangible experiences, like collecting bugs and playing in the garden. The article also includes a resource for those in search of wild public lands around Gainesville.

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Posted: May 21, 2020

Category: , Home Management, Relationships & Family, Work & Life
Tags: Advice, Childcare, Children, Covid-19, Faculty, Family Health, UF/IFAS

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