Transfer Student Week: Daisy Andrews



Name: Daisy Andrews

Major: Natural Resource Conservation

Minor: International Development & Humanitarian Assistance

Transferred from: St. Petersburg College in Tampa Bay


“I knew I wanted to go to law school, but I wanted a background in conservation/environmental policy. The unique NRC major at UF gave me the opportunity to build my studies around what I was interested in so I could truly focus on my goals as an individual. I am focusing my time at UF on environmental policy, and international development.

I am an Ambassador for the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, President of The Professional Interface of Natural Resource Managers, Ecologists, and Silviculturists (PINES), Vice President of the Student Association for Fire Ecology (SAFE), member of the International Scholars Program/Peace Corps Prep, and I am a Student leader in the Florida Audubon Conservation Leadership Initiative for 19-20.

Over summer 2019, I conducted research with the Fletcher lab with their project studying the effects that habitat loss and fragmentation have on biodiversity. I currently work in the office of the School of Forest Resources and Conservation.

Following graduation, I plan to join the Peace Corps to serve as an environmental volunteer working to protect the Earth and strengthen understanding of environmental issues in the developing world. Following my service in the Peace Corps, I intend to go to law school. After law school, I aim to get involved with the policymaking process as a legislative staff attorney focused on environmental issues. I hope to one day use my legal skills to become an environmental lobbyist.”


Posted: October 21, 2019

Category: Natural Resources
Tags: Students, Transfer Student Week

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