Five to be inducted to Florida 4-H Hall of Fame 

GAINESVILLE, Fla. This fall five new members will join the prestigious Florida 4-H Hall of Fame. It is with immense pride that the UF/IFAS Extension 4-H Youth Development Program and Florida 4-H Foundation announce the 2024 class of inductees: Judy Anderson of Manatee County, Steve Cooper of Florida, Albert Fuller of Levy County, Henry Grant, PhD of Gadsden County, and Wanda Simmons of Nassau County

The induction ceremony is scheduled for Thursday, August 1, 2024, at the University of Florida Reitz Union. For event details and sponsorship opportunities, please click here: 

Established in 2002 during the national 4-H centennial, the Florida 4-H Hall of Fame celebrates exceptional individuals including alumni, volunteers, professionals, and community leaders. These distinguished members have made substantial contributions to 4-H and their communities, embodying excellence in citizenship, leadership, career, and character. 


Judith “Judy” Webb Anderson 

Among the dedicated group of 4-H volunteers, few shine as brightly as Judy Anderson. Fondly known as Ms. Judy, her journey with 4-H began nearly four decades ago when her sons ventured into raising dairy goats through the program. For over 30 years, she has served as the guiding force behind the Udder Joy 4-H Club and later spearheaded Manatee County’s “Small Animal Club,” fostering a nurturing environment for Cloverbud-aged youth and those with limited resources to engage with livestock. Through her tireless dedication, she has nurtured generations of compassionate, capable citizens deeply committed to 4-H’s mission. 

“She has a big heart and believes every child can succeed. She taught at the Migrant program at local elementary schools and was one of the early adopters of the home school movement in the county. Beyond the pastures, Anderson’s impact resonates in classrooms and communities alike,” states Alexandra Draper, UF/IFAS Extension Manatee County Agent.  

In every aspect of her 4-H journey, Anderson embodies integrity, generosity, and an unwavering commitment to youth empowerment. Her selfless dedication and belief in every child’s potential define the essence of 4-H values. From leading coastal clean-ups to pioneering goat milk donation programs for animal rescue, she instills a deep sense of civic duty in her members, empowering them to create meaningful change in their communities. Continuously seeking out training opportunities, Anderson enriches her own skills and inspires others through her exemplary leadership. 

Steve Cooper 

With a dedicated tenure spanning 35 years in the Florida 4-H camp program, Steve Cooper’s leadership and mentorship have left an unforgettable mark on countless individuals. Cooper’s visionary leadership transformed 4-H Camp Cloverleaf into a beacon of learning and camaraderie. Under his guidance, the camp has become a cherished space where youth from diverse backgrounds come together to learn, grow, and form lifelong friendships. 

 Beyond his role at 4-H Camp Cloverleaf, Steve’s impact extends far and wide within the 4-H community. His ability to inspire and guide others resulted in the successful implementation of numerous programs and events, shaping the lives of countless young people. “Throughout my time with Florida 4-H, Mr. Steve played a pivotal role in helping me develop essential teaching skills,” says UF/IFAS Extension Lake County Agent, Dallas Daniels-Meringolo. “His guidance went beyond the typical employer-employee relationship. His mentorship gave me the tools and confidence to excel in my role as an Extension Agent.” 

Cooper‘s unwavering commitment to mentorship and role modeling sets him apart as a true exemplar of 4-H values. His dedication to empowering youth and fostering personal and professional growth embodies the spirit of 4-H and its commitment to youth development and community engagement. 

Albert Fuller 

During his 38-year tenure with UF/IFAS Extension, Fuller’s profound impact ranged from pioneering innovative programs to fostering leadership and citizenship among the state’s youth. Throughout his career, Albert Fuller was instrumental in building one of the largest 4-H day and residential camping programs in Florida. His innovative initiatives, such as the marine ecology program engaging Levy County 3rd graders on the “4-H boat” and introducing Shooting Sports and “I Can We Can” challenge programs to Florida 4-H, have enriched countless young lives. 

Fuller’s legacy epitomizes the core values of 4-H through his extensive leadership in agriculture and youth development spanning over four decades. Beyond his distinguished career with Extension, his commitment to community service includes chairing the City of Otter Creek Planning and Zoning Council and leading a community garden in Williston, reflecting unwavering dedication to fostering positive change. He continues to mentor and educate minority landowners across several counties, emphasizing income generation and landowner assistance programs 

“My initial impressions of Albert, or ‘Mr. Fuller’ as I knew him then, were of a remarkable presence. He possessed unparalleled wisdom and had a remarkable ability to connect with people of all ages and backgrounds,” says Florida 4-H Program Leader, Stacey Ellison.  

Ellison reflects on her early impressions of Fuller as figure of tremendous presence, possessing unparalleled wisdom and an uncanny ability to connect with youth and adults from all walks of life. 

Henry Grant, PhD 

Henry Grant’s pioneering efforts profoundly impacted the 4-H community in Gadsden and surrounding counties. Dr. Grant’s visionary leadership laid a solid foundation for youth development programs that continue to thrive today. During his tenure as UF/IFAS Gadsden County Extension Director, Dr. Grant’s leadership set a high standard for professionalism and community service in Extension. As an Emeritus Extension Agent, Dr. Grant remains a steadfast ally, actively contributing to 4-H and Extension programming. The late Yolanda Goode shared in her nomination letter, “Henry was very supportive to of giving Gadsden 4-H youth engagement avenues beyond the county. 

Dr. Grant continues to serve on the board for the West Florida Livestock Associationnurturing opportunities for local youth to exhibit market animals, regardless of their background, and hosts youth on his farm.  

Dr. Grant’s advocacy efforts led to significant improvements in facilities, including a new state-of-the-art Extension facility. His ongoing work to advocate for the remodeling of the Inman Agriculture and Crops Pavilion underscores his commitment to the continued growth and success of Extension and 4-H programs.  

Wanda Simmons 

For over three decades, Wanda Simmons has been the epitome of citizenship, leadership, and character within Nassau County and throughout Northeast Florida. As an outstanding citizen, Wanda has dedicated herself to her community without expecting anything in return. Her selflessness and commitment to supporting others have made her a respected voice within the community, embodying positive values and fostering a sense of belonging among youth.  

Since 1990, she has devoted her time and expertise as a 4-H volunteer, serving as a mentor, educator, and advocate for countless youth. Her efforts in poultry judging, livestock education, and fair competitions have empowered youth to excel and achieve their goals. In addition, Simmons has also played a major role in growing the 4-H embryology project for Nassau County schools. Mrs. Simmons recognizes the power of helping spark student interest in 4-H through embryology. 

“Mrs. Simmons exemplifies characteristics and values implicit in the 4-H pledge,” says UF/IFAS Nassau County Extension Director, Taylor Clem. Simmons demonstrates clear thinking and ethical conduct, fostering a positive environment for youth growth and community support. Through her active involvement, she extends her impact beyond her club, creating a sense of value and support for 4-H members throughout her community. 


Posted: May 2, 2024

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