One Fish, Two Fish, Silverfish

You might very well be living with a primitive creature – no, not your mother-in-law or your roommate’s Chihuahua – something much older and more on the destructive side. Scurrying around your seersucker jacket in the closet or through your old magazines up in the attic is a prehistoric creature that craves dark places and sustenance. Lepisma saccharinum  or Silverfish.

Silverfish can be found in most parts of the world. They love to eat the sugars and starches that can be found in books and newspapers. And after they have finished reading and snacking on that favorite old book, they will raid your closet like a shopper at the discount rack – natural fibers, cotton, linens and silks are what they seek. While they may not actually eat your threads, they can damage them.  So though they be but little, they are fierce.

If you are facing a silverfish outbreak and are trying to eradicate a hungry horde, you need to be diligent.  According to UF/IFAS Extension Entomologist Dr Faith Oi:

They have an amazing ability to live for a very long time without food and water, so you need to expect to battle these for a little while and just be patient with your progress.

Good luck on your battle.  It can be won but will require diligence and patience.  For more information, check out the Ask IFAS publication Booklice and Silverfish



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Posted: October 11, 2022

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