2020 Consumer Judging Contest Results

On Saturday October 24, Escambia County 4-H members put their critical thinking skills on display in the 2020 Consumer Judging Contest. In this virtual contest, youth are given scenarios and guidelines in order to rate 4 given products for each class. They are then asked to rate the 4 given products based on how accurately they align with the scenarios and guidelines given.

So remember, the next time you need to make a consumer decision, don’t forget to reach out to these youth for some guidance!

Congratulations to the 2020 Escambia County 4-H Consumer Judging Winners:


1st place – Michael S.


Tie for 3rd – Dixielynn W. and Megan G.

Tie for 1st – Baylee B. and Katy S.


4th place – Ryan C.

3rd place – Raimi J.

2nd place – Laney C.

1st place – Carly G.


4th place – Alyssa G.

3rd place – Hannah T.

Tie for 1st place – Alan B. and Jacob C.


Posted: October 24, 2020


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