Health Advisory Issued For Bayou’s Texar and Chico

With this steady rain, samples were collected from 13 locations this week. Only Bayou’s Texar and Chico had high enough bacteria levels to issue an health advisory.


Date Location Water Temp (F) Salinity (ppt) Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L) Enterococcus levels (colonies/100ml) Bacteria Levels Advisory Issued
May 30 Bayou Texar 82 11.0 7.2 160 Poor YES
  Sanders Beach         Good  
  Bayou Grande 83 21.3 5.5 63 Moderate  
  Big Lagoon 81 18.9 6.3 10 Good  
  Bayou Chico 81 18.0 6.6 160 Poor YES
  Johnson’s Beach         Good  
May 31 Quietwater Beach 80 24.7 5.6 10 Good  
  Casino Beach 79 30.8 6.5 0 Good  
  Park East         Good  
  Park West         Good  
  Ft. Pickens         Good  
  Opal Beach         Good

ENT levels should not be over 71 colonies/100ml) for a single sample.

Read more about local water quality by visiting the marine science page of this website.


Posted: June 2, 2017

Category: Water
Tags: Water Quality

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