Persimmon Problems this Fall



Japanese persimmons are a real treat in the Fall, and for those who enjoy growing fruit, they are a relatively problem free option. The tree can reach 30 feet tall, if planted in full sun and well drained soils that receive ample moisture. The orange-yellow fruit really makes a great show in the Fall. This year, many trees have an ample fruit load, but we have had submissions from growers of fruit that is wrinkled and the skin is discolored. After contacting Bryan Wilkins at the Auburn Research Station in Fairhope, AL, he diagnosed the problem as being environmental factors. The very warm nighttime temperatures are not ideal for a persimmon to properly develop, but he blamed the very dry weather of late for the wrinkling. The discoloration of the fruit is due to sunscald. The lesson in this is to remember to continue to water your crop when fruit is maturing. The fruit is still edible.


For more information about growing persimmons, please see this UF/IFAS publication: Oriental Persimmon


Posted: October 28, 2016

Category: Agriculture
Tags: Fruit, Horticulture, Panhandle-agriculture

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