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Still Time for Parsley

Parsley is one of the most well-known herbs, and if you missed the fall planting, there is still time to choose a preferred selection for late winter/spring planting.

An herbaceous biennial, parsley is an easy herb for containers or small garden spaces. You may purchase a small pot at the nursery or grow from seed.  Realize that seeds do best when soaked in warm water for 24 hours prior to planting and may not germinate for several weeks.  Be sure to mark the area well so you remember not to overplant with another herb or vegetable.

Choose an area or soil that allows for good drainage and full sun in the cooler months. During the heat of summer, parsley does prefer a little break from afternoon sun. Consider planting in pots so plants can be moved during the hottest months.  Plants will prefer water during times when rainfall is lacking, but the taproot does allow the plant to survive some drought.

There are different types of parsley you may choose but the most common types sold in stores are the curled leaf parsley and the Italian parsley. The Italian parsley has a stronger flavor and holds up a little better during cooking.

Curled leaf parsley. Photo: Beth Bolles

Curled leaf parsley

Italian parsley. Photo: Beth Bolles

Italian parsley


Parsley is an attractive plant as a garden border or in a mixed container but will likely have a visitor during the warmer season that will feed on the leaves. The black swallowtail butterfly will use parsley as a host plant so plant enough to share with the butterflies.

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