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Flood Damage

If anyone has flood damage and needs some questions answered, please give us a call or better yet shoot us an email tomorrow. We know there will be a lot of farms with water damage issues and will be assessing damage throughout the county this week. A couple tips for anyone that had water intrusion in their produce crops or livestock pastures:

– all crops that are being grown for fresh produce sales and come in contact with flood waters should not be sold for human consumption. This seems a little extreme, but the large amount of water we have seen over the last couple days has a high risk of bacteria and food borne illness. Take the opportunity to assess where the water entered the property and plan for futurearrow things with that problem in mind.

– for livestock producers that have issues flood issues: Having at least a small dry area for animals and access to dry hay/ feed is essential. Also, having access to fresh, noncontaminated water will help keep disease risk low.

– start working on finding and getting rid of all containers that may hold standing water. Mosquitos will be a huge issue in the next few weeks. If you have more questions on ways to control these summer pests, please visit or call Escambia County Mosquito Control

– be careful! Snakes and other wildlife have also been impacted by the large amount of water, so please be concious of where you walk, place your hands, or allow your children and pets to venture.

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