Coloring with Spiders: Our Favorites from Florida

Like to color but bored with mainstream coloring books lately with their vapid, merely decorative fare? Had it up to here with hosts and crowds of lovely daffodils and anodyne woodland scenes that look like something out of The Lord of the Rings? Itching to try something a little more challenging and a lot closer to home? Want to learn something from a coloring book for once?

photo of a spider and spider web in a swamp over a pond. Photo taken 09-26-18.

Why not download a copy of “Coloring with Spiders: Our Favorites from Florida?” This fun new Ask IFAS coloring book from author Lisa A. Taylor and illustrator Samm Wehman Epstein features a whole crew of familiar faves. Each richly detailed, highly magnified image includes a neat fact about the pictured spider. Even if you’re somewhat dubious about spiders, you might find the creators’ obvious affection for their subject matter touching. Who knows, you may even develop a bit of affection for the spiders, yourself, as you spend some quiet, meditative time with them accentuating their many fascinating features with your crayons or markers. Best of all, if you do become a spider fan and want to learn more about them, the coloring book is partnered with “An introduction to Some Common and Charismatic Florida Spiders,” an informative fact sheet describing the spiders in greater detail and including plenty of photos and suggestions for further exploration.

Black Widow spider. UF/IFAS Photo: Thomas Wright

The coloring book includes not only the spiders but their habitats, as well, all drawn with careful attention to detail to ensure that each page is packed with intricate, fun-to-color designs. These spiders are waiting for you to bring them to life, so grab your paints or pencils and get to brightening their day and yours!

Spider web on the Santa Fe River. UF/IFAS Photo;Thomas Wright
Spiders–and their webs–are beautiful, too!
Photo of author Lisa Taylor coloring a spider. Photo taken 04-10-19.
Author Lisa Taylor takes a break from her work at the entomology lab to enjoy a little coloring… with spiders! (A male Habronattus jumping spider, to be exact.)

Posted: April 28, 2023

Category: Wildlife
Tags: Entomology And Nematology Department, Lisa A. Taylor, Samm Wehman Epstein, Youth

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