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For a while, ideas about wellness have focused mostly on physical health. Other aspects of wellness have often been compartmentalized or seen as less important. As widespread interest in healthy living continues to grow and people seek equilibrium during an uneasy time, conversations surrounding the topic have started to highlight the connections among different dimensions of wellness, rather than treating each dimension as a standalone.

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A recent EDIS publication, A Practical Guide to Healthy Living, describes seven dimensions of wellness, which are spiritual wellness, emotional wellness, intellectual wellness, physical wellness, financial wellness, social wellness, and environmental wellness. The guide lists practices that people can try in order to manage common stressors and foster balanced living. Readers may already be familiar with a few of these activities, such as journaling, mindfulness, and exercise. However, the publication also discusses several wellness-boosting practices you might not expect. These include, but are not limited to, the following.

*Seek meaning and purpose in your life.
*Connect with the arts.
*Add variety to your daily movement. Try a new route or routine.
*Schedule visits with your healthcare provider, eye doctor, and dentist for preventative care and routine checkups. Write a list of questions to ask during your visits.
*Keep organized records of finances.
*Make arrangements for the end of life.
*Spend quality time with your pets.
*Visit a Florida State Park.
*Use integrated pest management techniques.

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Posted: September 24, 2021

Category: Work & Life
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