Postbloom Fruit Drop (PFD) Identification and Management

This two-sided ID card is idea for growers working in the field trying to identify or manage postbloom fruit drop (PFD) in citrus. The ID card includes photos of blooms affected by PFD and photos of healthy blooms for comparison. The card also includes facts and tips for managing PFD. Written by Megan M. Dewdney, Natalia A. Peres, and Jamie D. Burrow, and published by the UF Department of Plant Pathology, July 2015.


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Posted: August 5, 2015

Category: Agriculture, Pests & Disease
Tags: Citrus Diseases, Citrus Research And Education Center, Jamie D. Burrow, Megan M. Dewdney, Natalia A. Peres, Plant Pathology Department, Postbloom Fruit Drop

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