Blended Families Today

Blended families are a unique, but increasingly common family structure. According to 2009-2011 U.S Census approximately 1,694,346 households are blended families. In Jacksonville, Florida, 32% of men and 31% of women have been married more than once. The norm of intact, never divorced couples of prior generations is a vague memory. Those relationships didn’t typically delineate between his and hers; assets were shared. Even though blended families have become very common, this family type comes with new challenges which may eventually lead to divorce or separation. Some of those challenges might be unhealthy communication, division within the family unit and stressors from outside elements.

There are key traits couples can develop to have a successful blended family, but the most important traits are healthy communication, partnership, and stability. Healthy communication allows partners to feel like their opinions count and will help couples work together as team. With healthy communication and working together couples are able to build a partnership. By having a partnership, couples can display an image of positive interaction that children can follow once they enter into adulthood and start a family of their own. Further, children need stability to flourish. A sense of stability empowers children to explore and grow within the security of happy and committed parents.

Over the next couple of months, follow our blog to learn more about blended families. Every week we go deeper into key steps parents can take to make their children feel secure and become successful. Also, we will talk more about the steps which couples can make to maintain a healthy relationship while blending their beliefs and views when it comes to parenting.


Posted: March 9, 2018

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