Plant Sale- August 6th, 2022

Many butterfly and pollinator plants will be available at the 2022 UF/IFAS Extension Clay County Master Gardener Plant Sale on Saturday, August 6th from 7:30am to 12 noon.

Consider the possibilities of developing a butterfly garden and attracting monarch, sulphur, fritillaries, and swallowtail butterflies. Plants that are great for this include milkweed, assorted- color salvia, firecracker, firespike and pentas. Nectar-rich, colorful flowering plants are the backbone of any successful butterfly garden. Provide a combination of adult nectar sources and larval host plants. Milkweed are the host plant for Monarchs and passion-vine will attract female Gulf Fritillaries. Many Cloudless Sulphur butterflies feed from the blooms of the Firecracker plant. Reds, pink, and purple flowers are generally considered the most attractive adult nectar sources. However, some species are drawn to yellows, blues, and whites, as well. For more information, check “Butterfly Gardening in Florida at

The Clay County Master Gardener Volunteers  annual Plant Sale is Saturday, August 6, 2022 from 7:30 AM to Noon. This event is at the UF/IFAS, Clay County Extension Office at 2463 State Road 16 W Green Cove Springs (next to the Fairgrounds). Thousands of plants are available. Come to see the vast selection including numerous pollinator plants. We  are also offering a  selection of many native and non-native plants and all of our plants have been grown by our Clay County Master Gardener volunteers. Be prepared and bring your wagons and carts and our Master Gardener Volunteers will be available to answer your gardening inquiries.

Written by Sam Runyon, UF/IFAS Extension Clay County Master Gardener Volunteer


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Posted: August 5, 2022

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