Take Charge of Your Health and Finances

Health and wealth are both essential for living a happy successful life and should be viewed as simultaneous goals. During the month of March, we focus nationwide on both health and wealth through two observances “America Saves Week” (February 28 – March 3) and “National Nutrition Month.”

Small positive changes such as saving $5 or cutting 100 calories per day can make a big difference over time. Let America Saves help you reach your savings goals by taking the America Saves Pledge or get a personalized nutrition and physical activity plan and track your foods to see how they stack up through SuperTracker.

In addition to these resources your local UF/IFAS Extension office can assist you with classes, publications, websites, and other resources to help you achieve your health and financial goals.

Today and every day is the time to act to improve your health and increase your wealth. Need some ideas for making daily progress? Here are some action steps that you can begin today.


  • Read the nutrition facts label on foods to track calorie intake and meet calorie needs.
  • Take a 15 min walk with co-workers on your lunch break.
  • Make dietary modifications, such as eliminating a tablespoon of butter or a soft drink to cut 100 calories.
  • Use a pedometer to track your steps and work up to walking the recommended 10,000 steps per day.
  • Order lunch portions, half portions, or share entrée to reduce the calories you consume.


  • Track spending by writing down every cent you spend and then identify daily discretionary expenses and cut them in half.
  • Save $1, $2, or $5 a day, plus pocket change, in a can or jar. Deposit it monthly into savings.
  • Buy one less soda, coffee, donut, lottery ticket, etc.
  • Institute the “24-Hour Rule.” For any expense over $50, delay spending and give yourself a say to think about it. Ask yourself: “Is this a need or a want?” and “How do I plan to pay for it?”

Take charge of your health and finances today!


Posted: February 27, 2017

Category: Health & Nutrition, Money Matters, Work & Life
Tags: America Saves Week, National Nutrition Month

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