2023 Member in Good Standing

Charlotte County 4-H Introduces New Member in Good Standing Requirements

As we embark on a new 4-H year, Charlotte County 4-H is excited to introduce its newly implemented Member in Good Standing Requirements. These requirements are designed to enhance the 4-H experience for all youth participants and ensure their active involvement and commitment to the program. In this blog, we will discuss the specifics of the new requirements and why they are crucial for the growth and success of our 4-H members.

1. Online Registration by October 1, 2023:

To kickstart the 4-H journey, all youth must register and gain approval through 4-Honline (v2.4honline.com) by October 1, 2023. This step is essential to ensure that we have accurate records and can effectively communicate with our members throughout the year. By registering online, parents and 4-H members become part of our close-knit community and gain access to valuable resources.

2. Attendance at Primary Club Meetings:

Active participation in club meetings is the heart of the 4-H experience. From September 1, 2023, to August 31, 2024, 4-H members must attend at least 70% of their primary club’s business meetings. The primary club is selected during enrollment in 4-Honline. Regular attendance fosters a sense of belonging and teamwork, providing valuable opportunities for skill-building, leadership development, and camaraderie.

3. Completion of a 4-H Record Book:

To encourage reflection and self-assessment, each 4-H member must submit a Charlotte County 4-H record book covering at least one project area by Friday, April 5, 2024. These record books are a testament to the effort and progress made throughout the year, documenting the skills learned and experiences gained in 4-H projects. It’s important to note that the book should cover at least one 4-H project and is not the fair record book.

4. Annual Acknowledgement of Requirements:

At their first club meeting, all 4-H members will be required to sign an annual acknowledgement of the Member in Good Standing requirements. This formal commitment signifies their understanding and acceptance of the expectations set forth by Charlotte County 4-H. It also emphasizes the significance of their role in maintaining a thriving 4-H community.

5. Compliance with Primary Club’s Bylaws:

In addition to the county-wide requirements, 4-H members must adhere to their primary club’s bylaws. Clubs often have unique guidelines and expectations that contribute to the cohesive functioning of the group. Following the bylaws ensures a well-organized and inclusive club atmosphere.

Importance of Member in Good Standing Status:

Obtaining and maintaining “Member-in-Good-Standing” status is pivotal for any 4-H member. This status unlocks various opportunities and privileges within the program, such as representing Charlotte County 4-H at County, Regional, or State fairs, participating in State or National 4-H contests, and being eligible for recognition through county 4-H awards or scholarships for various 4-H events. Moreover, it showcases a commitment to personal growth, leadership, and community engagement.

The introduction of the Member in Good Standing Requirements marks an exciting chapter in the Charlotte County 4-H program. By embracing these requirements, parents and 4-H members are taking a proactive step towards enhancing their 4-H experience. The new guidelines foster a sense of responsibility, dedication, and achievement, all of which contribute to the growth of our vibrant 4-H community. We encourage all parents and 4-H members to actively participate and embrace these requirements, as they lay the foundation for a fulfilling and rewarding journey in Charlotte County 4-H.


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Posted: August 23, 2023

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